The one common mistake about the concept of Passion for your work

Do you have a big Passion or a big sense of Purpose in your work?

Lately everyone seems to be talking about doing the work we are passionate about, and inspiring a big sense of Purpose in all of us.
And this is great.

As someone like John P. Strelecky would put it, people whose job fulfils them do not get burned out; they get energised. There is a push to level up all humanity towards an ideal where any individual is doing the job he/she is more suitable for, and that would make everyone feel satisfied.

Sounds great, so what’s wrong with that?

Well, there is nothing actually wrong; we just have to acknowledge that is an ideal, so we have to take into account real matters while/until we get there.
What I keep on hearing instead is to:

  • create a great Vision for the company (that’s awesome)
  • inspire a sense of Purpose in each team member (that’s amazing)
  • people who do not align with the vision and purpose will leave the company (that’s… less wonderful)

This puts a lot of social pressure on some people to find their big WHY, making them feel inadequate if they don’t.

How does all this impact you?

Do you have a sense of purpose for your work and/or, even better, a great passion to go after?

Marvellous! There are ways to harness your potential, focus on your passion, work in flow and achieve great performance while enjoying what you do! You could be one of the forward-thinking Leaders that we select to work together in our innovative Achievers Bootcamp, where we disrupt the mainstream way of doing things to allow being innovative where it matters and become one of the high Achievers of the future workplace. You have a chance to gain a first-mover advantage that will bring better performance, less stress and more sense of fulfilment for yourself, your team and your company. It is a win-win-win outcome; take action by telling us what big goal you aim to accomplish.

Now what if you are one of the many people who don’t have that strong drive, or you are still struggling to understand your big mission in this world? Should you just stay there dissatisfied and wait until you get replaced by a machine?

Just go to work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, get back tired, use the weekend to regain some energy and do some of the stuff you didn’t have time for during the week, then next Monday repeat it all over again.

Or do you want to start seeing that another reality is possible, that you have better to do than the current routine?
Many people tell me they have no interests; then when we start talking they little by little bring up things they like to do, activities they would enjoy doing, people in their life they would love to spend more time with, and sometimes even craving just a bit more relax time without worries.

But… many of us believe that’s just how reality is, so we hide the small or big desires inside us.
Does that make us any happier below the surface? Not really.

True, it is the role of Leadership to drive the change and create better conditions to succeed.
And at the same time, each and every of us can understand that the current status is only ONE of the many possible options, that a different reality is achievable, that working less and better brings great advantage to you, to the leaders and to the company.

You will live a different reality after you attend our innovative Achievers Workshop and you will be an active part of it because, to have a better integration of work and life, we need some thrust at all levels.

How to turn the “Law of the lid” in your favour

Let’s imagine a big saucepan full of water, fire underneath, a lid on top of that.

If the fire is low, the lid helps the heat propagate more from one molecule of water to the other, helping spreading the energy inside the saucepan.

When the fire is high, however, the molecules inside the saucepan start agitating more and more, creating huge movement, more steam and foam is formed, the lid is gently pushed upwards and some molecules start getting out of the saucepan. If we keep on increasing the fire, the molecules of water will have so much energy to make the lid jump out and let the whole content break free to a new equilibrium and balance.

Now the saucepan represents your work/office, the lid represents the leader of the company, and the molecules of water represent you and your colleagues.

Do you know the “Law of the lid”? John C. Maxwell, one of the best Leadership expert, crafted that. It basically says that a business cannot grow beyond its leader; like a lid on a saucepan, a Leader becomes the cap of his/her company.
This is why we have a moral obligation to be forward-thinkers and offer continuous growth to ourselves.

Are you being the lid of your company, smothering its business?
Are you being a molecule of water, not putting in enough energy to go beyond the current status quo?

You can make change happen by small disruptions and personal performance, like a spark igniting co-workers, friends, family and people around you, leaving them energised and proactive, ready for the upcoming future of work.

These are some of the reasons why we decided to dedicate our time to raise awareness and gather a community of innovative Achievers: the bigger the community, the higher the impact, the greater the change.

Join our vision: together, we will increase the fire under the saucepan.

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