Each industrial revolution brought the humankind to step up as a collective:
education, housing, social norms, safety, working conditions.

This time is not going to be different; it is just going to happen faster.

Are you prepared?

How are we going to work 5 or 10 years from now?
How do you want to work 5 or 10 years from now…

Technology gives us a great opportunity to positively disrupt the dysfunctional and unsustainable way we live and work.

Technology & Innovations are meant to serve a greater good, while Education & Leadership should be used to create better working conditions, allow companies to be more productive and, ultimately, raise the bar for the whole society.

All the concepts and lessons learned during several years in Project Management and Leadership are now applied to our Workshops and Keynotes.

We want our message to reach more than 100 million people BY 2060

A great vision requires great minds, and great minds think alike!

The most successful Entrepreneurs and Executives never stop learning…
       this is why we endeavour to write compelling articles on main

Critical thinking is formed in the early years…
       this is why we endeavour to deliver Talks and Courses to
Schools or Universities.

If you or someone you know can introduce us to people, places and ways for delivering our content,
please put us in contact!

It's more impactful to have 100 million people do a small change, than 100 people striving to do a million changes

Giulio has a strong desire to have an impact on these topics.
This brought him to leave his amazing city and the possibility of comfortable secure jobs to experience diverse cultures, live in different countries, and grow his passion about Management, Leadership and great Performance.

After graduating with a Master's in Computer Engineering "magna cum laude" (with Honours), Giulio was part of a pioneering team researching the Internet of Things, Home Automation and robotisation. Then, he spent several years in Project Management and Process Optimisation (including interacting and negotiating with 2 governments), and grew his expertise about Leadership and great Performance, relentlessly working towards having a way to improve things.

Thanks to working and living in five countries, he observed similar patterns in different companies that affect both the results and the quality, making it difficult to adapt to change and scale up.

He now works with business owners and executives to enhance the results of the people and the company.

His message aims at raising awareness so that people would use part of the regained time to trigger pragmatic actions for social causes, mainly Environment preservation and Poverty reduction.

His dream is to fund technology projects for disruptive innovation.

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